Struggle Jennings & Caitlynne Curtis // God We Need You Now

Catilynne Curtis // Walk Away

Catilynne Curtis // Listen

Alisa Daglio Director

Alisa Daglio is best known for directing highly stylized music videos, live concert events, and docu-style behind the scenes, with artists such as Struggle Jennings, Trap DeVille, Flipper, TRAPT, 50 Cent tour partner Madam Brown, former Death Row recording artist Flipside, and Floss P (Harold Moret) who produced over 11 platinum albums with Dr. Dre and Dj Quick. The Director’s work has penetrated the international market with hard hitting videos for Zomba Records United Kingdom/Music for Nations and with the “Namaste” music video for Iranian celebrity pop singer “Mehrana.” Additional projects include the extended Flipper 40th anniversary “Sex Bomb” music video featuring commentary from Shepard Fairy, Mike Watt, The Melvins, and more.

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Caitlynne Curtis // Therapy

Damian Sage // The Hardest Goodye

Alisa Daglio Music Video Reel

Struggle Jenning and Trap Deville " Over Nothin "

Making of the “Believer” Album Cover

Struggle Jennings and Trap DeVille “Gonna Pay For It” Music Video


Something About YOu Ain't Right

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